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The Pixley Berries team is charged with developing fresh ingredients and new drinks.



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He's passionate about the environment and about creating juices with real flavour - the berry fruits, the pome fruits and now rhubarb. His forward thinking is also shown by the commissioning of his own 'Pressoir', the only blackcurrant grower in Britain to be entirely vertically integrated and in control of every element of his production, from the soil to shelf, bush to bottle.



Accounts and HR Manager Steph can be found in the farm office bridging the gap between farm and factory. She’s makes big ‘splash’ in the world of Pixley Juice!



Michael joined us straight from his Food Science and Technology degree at Cardiff Met as our Technical Assistant Manager, he has now flourished into our technical manager. From micro analysis to carbon footprint studies Mike is a making a name for himself fast! As our resident sustainability expert, he can be often spotted around site with his sellotaped glasses…saving the planet one pair of spectacles at a time!



Step into the factory and the first person you’ll meet is our Supply Chain Manager Sarah. A familiar face to all and a fountain of knowledge having been with Pixley for many years!  A vital cog in the Pixley wheel to ensure we have the best fruit from British growers and organising internal and external movements.



Anna is our Managing Director at Pixley. An MD is someone who provides inspiration, motivation and guidance, she ticks all those boxes and then some. With polite confidence she keeps us all travelling the juice journey together. What she doesn't know about Juice isn't worth knowing and is integral to tying up our whole supply chain and delivering the world class service we're recognised for.

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Alan is the master craftsman. He has designed the gentle process which delivers the fruity quality of the juices all the way through maceration in the big old Swiss Bucher press and in the natural filtration that follows. Alan and Mike together lead the development of new products, ably assisted by our in-house tasting team.



Eastern European born Calin is our longstanding Operations Manager. He knows the way to get the best drop of juice out of fruit and vegetables. Always calm under pressure; he understands and implements our technology to keep us delivering quality juices every time! 

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Portuguese born 'Milky' has been with Pixley Berries since 2004 as Store Manager, locals to the area may have spotted him on the road in the branded Pixley mobile! In his spare time dare devil Amilcar enjoys motor cross. A true Pixley legend!

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Are you getting deja vu? Operation Assistant Manager Dan still often gets mistaken for twin brother Calin despite being at Pixley since 2010! A qualified forestry engineer and with a MSc in biodiversity and conservation Dan takes pride in his work, especially loving the squeezing and squashing of blackcurrants every season. A good doughnut on his coffee break is the secret to his hard work and commitment to helping the factory run smoothly.    

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