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Pixley Berries is a family-run business nestled in the heart of Pixley, Herefordshire.


With a rich heritage and a passion for quality, we've been serving food and drink manufacturers with excellence for 20 years.


Our commitment to superior service and expertise in the industry sets us apart.

We utilise technologies and range of processes within food production chains. Processing many different raw materials including: Apples, pears, berries, and vegetables.

We can also offer contract pressing which include a variety of primary processes, facilitate a range of filtration methods and can be used to deliver NFC juices, low brix concentrates and traditional high brix (65/70) products, Purees, or 150 fold Aromas.


We also produce our own delicious fruit rich cordials. Have a look at our website to find out more:

Before the juice

Blackcurrants are the life blood of our proud family heritage. The below photos are taken from 1973 and shows handpicked Blackcurrants being loaded onto a lorry, destined for Beecham Foods. Our founder, Edward Thompson, was instrumental to introducing mechanical harvesting of Blackcurrants in 1976 and this marked the end of hand picking as within the industry. 


His forward thinking is also shown by the commissioning his own 'Pressoir', our purpose built juice factory in 2004, making him the only blackcurrant grower in Britain to be entirely vertically integrated and in control of every element of his production, from the soil to shelf, bush to bottle. 

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